Democracy allows women to have the most opportunities, and everyone benefits from it, — Kira Rudik at the Women Deliver 2023 in Kigali

At the Women Deliver 2023 conference in Kigali, Rwanda, Kira Rudik, an MP of Ukraine, the leader of the Golos party, and Vice President of ALDE, spoke about women’s role in the struggle for democratic values, as well as hunger being used as a weapon by the aggressor.

«Democracy allows women to have the most opportunities, benefiting everyone. Ukrainian women not only defend their country but also volunteer and provide for their families. We take pride in the fact that women have choices and make them in favor of their nation. Food security is crucial for African countries. russia once again uses hunger as a weapon, so Ukraine's victory in this war will ensure a peaceful and stable life for everyone on the planet», — the MP emphasized. 

Women Deliver 2023 Conference is one of the largest multi-sector gatherings advocating for gender equality. This year's event brought together 6000 people in person in Kigali and over 200 000 online through a virtual conference. The goal of Women Deliver 2023 is to provide inclusive and collaboratively created spaces that promote solidarity for sustainable solutions toward gender equality.