Confiscation of russia's assets and isolation of the russian federation in the world: the results of the autumn of the full-scale invasion

The autumn of a full-scale russian invasion. While the Defense Forces were liberating the occupied territories, my team and I continued to work on our fronts: increasing support from Western partners, confiscation of russian assets in favor of Ukraine, isolation of russia and promotion of Ukraine, Ukrainians, and Ukrainian women.

There were about 90 international meetings in 20 countries of the world, and more than 200 interviews with international media with the key motive: Ukraine is now a shield of democratic values that opposes tyranny. We need weapons, support, recognition of the russian federation as a state sponsor of terrorism, and confiscation of russian assets for the reconstruction of our state.

📌 Confiscation of russian assets

It is not an easy path, but we have many allies here. We got involved with the support of Bill Browder's team (the author of the Magnitsky Act). These are the best lawyers and financiers with successful experience in hunting corruption schemes of russians. And the Prime Minister of Estonia, Kaja Kallas, proposed a promising idea: to borrow money from russian assets as a loan, to direct these funds to the needs of Ukrainian refugees and Ukraine, and to return them after signing an agreement on reparations.

We are conducting negotiations with parliamentarians of Great Britain. Thus, the parliamentarian of the United Kingdom, Jonathan Djanogly, assured that they are developing their legislation, which should be flawless and will nullify all attempts by the russians to challenge the confiscation in the courts.

At a meeting with Nancy Pelosi, the 52nd speaker of the House of Representatives, we received assurances of support for the process of confiscating russian money. The development of legal mechanisms continues, and the vote in the UN General Assembly (on future reparations), the NATO PA, and the European Parliament (on the recognition of the russian federation as a sponsor of terrorism) provides the basis for speeding up all processes.

📌 Isolation of the russian federation

The maximum plan in this direction is to expel the terrorist state from all international organizations and deprive it of any influence, including on the countries of Asia and the global South. And if the conventional Old World is already ready for this (and the November vote on recognizing the russian federation as a sponsor of terrorism is proof of this), then the East and the Global South need work. At the 77th session of the General Assembly, the UN took part in an action against the russian federation in this international organization.

At the General Assembly, the Africa Liberal Network worked on consolidating political support for Ukraine from the countries of the Global South and convinced African liberal partners to take real action in support of Ukraine and international security. On the sidelines of the G20 summit at the Global Food Security Forum, I conveyed to the partners the understanding that it is russia that is a threat to global food security and that only Ukraine's victory in this war will save the world from hunger.

📌 Support and promotion of Ukraine

None of my international meetings passed without a call to support Ukraine. We talked with the Prime Minister of Ireland, Micheál Martin, about the unprecedented assistance from his country. I also thanked for the support at the meeting with the head of the Estonian government Kaja Kallas, with a great friend of Ukraine Nancy Pelosi, and many others.

I became the first Ukrainian MP to visit Taiwan and meet president Tsai Ing-wen there. I met with the Sikyong of Tibet, Penpa Tsering because we must join forces in the fight against dictatorship and support the peoples of the world in such a fight.

📌 Separately, I would like to note symbolic events.

The first one is the Courage Under Fire award of the Magnitsky Human Rights Awards to the Ukrainian military servicewoman and paramedic Yulia Paevska «Tyra», which I had the honor to personally present. And an award for women in politics to recognize their achievements, the Women In Politics Champion of the Year Award, which I received from The Alliance of Her. This is a distinction for tens of millions of Ukrainian women, it is about them and for them. Ukrainian women are a force that motivates, inspires, and creates miracles.

For them, a women's forum was organized in Odesa as part of the «Breadwinner Now» project. In the future, it should become a network of women's hubs, and resource centers, where you can find answers on how to effectively work with a team in difficult times, how to fight psycho-emotional burnout, and how women leaders can find a resource to achieve business goals in wartime.

📌 And, of course, investment in our future: agreement on the expansion of programs for Ukrainian students at Oxford. 

Ahead of us is the most difficult winter since World War II. But no difficulties and challenges will stop us. We are working for victory, russia is doomed to defeat.