Confiscated assets of the russian federation should be transferred to restore Ukraine: Kira Rudik's resolution at the ALDE Council

The resolution, which calls for influencing the national governments of the EU member states to develop legal mechanisms and procedures for the use of confiscated russian assets for the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine, was adopted by an absolute majority of votes at the meeting of the ALDE Council in Bratislava. Its author is the MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, and vice-president of ALDE Kira Rudik.

The text of the document states that since the russian federation openly and systematically disregards its international legal obligations, using seized russian assets to rebuild Ukraine is the only viable way to ensure that russia is held accountable for its atrocities.

«We are grateful to the partner countries for the help they provide to Ukraine, but their taxpayers should not spend money on the reconstruction of what was destroyed by russia. The aggressor must pay for what he did. This is a logical decision. An effective legal mechanism is needed, which will allow the necessary procedures to be worked out at the international and national levels and the confiscated russian money to be transferred to Ukraine», — stressed the leader of Golos.

According to the World Bank, the estimated cost of rebuilding Ukrainian infrastructure destroyed by the full-scale russian invasion is at least $349 billion. Currently, approximately $500 billion of russian public and private assets, including more than $350 billion of frozen reserves of the Central Bank of the russian federation, are stored in the United States, Great Britain, and EU member states. This money should be transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.