«Be brave like Ukrainians» is a new catchphrase that will be included in all the languages of our partners, — Kira Rudik about the results of 2022

The main conclusion of 2022 is that unpunished evil returns with even greater evil. Therefore, the world should continue to support Ukraine and work to isolate russia. The aggressor must be justly punished and pay for what he did. The MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik emphasizes this.

«In 2022, we did not just endure, but proved to the enemy, the world, and ourselves that in this war we are not victims, but winners. We started this year with Javelins and are ending with confirmed deliveries of Patriots. And it is already obvious that there will be more weapons from partners. We started this year with «deep concern» about russian aggression by Western countries, and we are ending it with the fact that the NATO PA, the European Parliament, and a number of other European countries have recognized the russian federation as a state sponsor of terrorism. And there are already active talks about excluding the russian federation from the UN», — emphasizes the representative of Golos.

During 2022, significant changes took place on the economic front: increased sanctions pressure, Europe's rejection of russian energy sources, and a significant shift in the process of confiscation of russia's assets in favor of Ukraine.

«When we talked at meetings with partners about the confiscation of russian assets, we were told that this idea was unattainable. Now Canada has already confiscated the first funds of the oligarch Abramovich, and the US Congress has approved the provision on the confiscation of the money of russian tycoons for the benefit of Ukraine. The United Kingdom and the EU countries are actively developing mechanisms for their legislation to make the aggressor pay for what was destroyed. Now we have the best experts on our side, such as Bill Browder (initiator of the Magnitsky Act), Kaja Kallas, Prime Minister of Estonia, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, and many others», — explains the MP.  

If in February the world media asked the question «When will Kyiv fall?», today no one from the democratic countries doubts our victory and the restored borders of 1991.

«During this year, I had more than 1,500 interviews for the world's media and I saw how these changes took place in their questions and reactions to the answers. Be brave like Ukrainians is a new catchphrase that will be included in all languages of our partners. And it's not just Europe and North America, it's the countries of Asia and the Global South. More than 200 international meetings I had in 22 countries ended with the participants agreeing that the aggressor must be punished. So that other tyrants would see it, so that full-scale wars would never happen again», — sums up Kira Rudik.