At the meeting with the Prime Minister of Estonia, Kira Rudik presented a russian assets confiscation project for Ukraine’s recovery

The project of confiscation of russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine was presented in Estonia at the meeting with Prime Minister Kaja Kallas by the leader of the Golos party, vice-president of ALDE, MP Kira Rudik. A team of the best experts, lawyers, and financiers have been working on this initiative for the past months, its goal is to make russia pay for everything destroyed in Ukraine.

«Estonia was chosen for the presentation not by chance. The Baltic countries are real champions in supporting Ukrainians not only in our opposition to the aggressor, but also in recognizing the russian regime as a terrorist, and in our accession to the EU and NATO. And since Estonia is an example of support for Ukraine, we are now offering government officials and parliamentarians of this country to join the initiative to confiscate russian assets. After all, if you are already on the front line and set the pace of aid to Ukraine, why not do it in all areas», — emphasizes the leader of Golos. 

In addition, Kira Rudik met in the Estonian Parliament with Kalle Laanet, the former Minister of Defense of this country. Currently, he is the head of the Estonian-Ukrainian friendship group. Politicians shared their experience of resisting russian aggression, and the Ukrainian parliamentarian spoke about the current situation and needs of Ukrainians. 

«We learned the lesson a long time ago: russia is a terrorist. And now our struggle against racist tyranny inspires the whole world. Estonia is aware of the threats it faces, so exchange of experience and mutual support are extremely valuable for the creation of a new global security system», — sums up the MP.