At the Liberal Conference in Oslo, Kira Rudik called for intensifying cooperation between Ukraine and Norway

Norway will allocate $19 million to the purchase of ammunition for Ukraine and is also preparing joint projects to restore the energy sector. The prompt response of this Scandinavian country to the war against Ukraine deserves special gratitude. This was emphasized by the leader of the Golos party, vice-president of ALDE, MP Kira Rudik, speaking at the Liberal Conference in Oslo.

«Norway is a loyal friend and ally of Ukraine in our resistance to russian aggression. This Scandinavian country will allocate about $19 million to the purchase of artillery ammunition for the Ukrainian army. Almost 30,000 Ukrainian refugees are in this country and from the first days, they receive free housing, financial aid and education for their children», — detailed the leader of Golos.

Kira Rudik and Guri Melby

Separately, Kira Rudik thanked Guri Melby, the leader of the Venstre party, for her efforts in helping Ukraine: Norway's prompt response to a full-scale war, and the country's steps to isolate the russian federation for the crimes that the terrorist state commits in Ukraine. 

«Ahead of us are many joint projects for the recovery and reconstruction of the energy sector. This is very important, because russia continues targeted shelling and destruction of energy infrastructure facilities. Now Ukraine is not only reclaiming its land, we are fighting for democratic and liberal values. And we are winning, so partners cannot weaken their support for Ukraine, because too much is at stake», — emphasized the MP.