About 70 international meetings, more than 200 interviews with Western media, humanitarian projects for women and students — Kira Rudik about the results of summer activities

In three months there were 16 countries, about 70 international meetings and more than two hundred interviews with the world media in order to convince partners and the Western public to recognize russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and to confiscate russian assets in favor of Ukraine. The leader of the Golos party, vice-president of ALDE, MP Kira Rudik shared the results of activities on the international arena.

«We carried out 3 complex international missions: to the Nordic countries via Belgium, Lithuania, Sweden, Iceland regarding European support, to the USA regarding the transatlantic partnership, and to Great Britain regarding sanctions mechanisms against russia. It was agreed that the partners will not slow down the pace of providing aid to Ukraine and will continue to be united in countering russian aggression.

I enlisted the support of Emmanuel Macron in the European Parliament on the day Ukraine officially received the status of a candidate for EU membership. I met with Tobias Ellwood, a member of the British Parliament, the head of the defense committee, and we discussed the unblocking of Ukrainian ports.

In the USA (Washington, New York) I had meetings with representatives of the government and analytical centers. I took part in the session Challenges Ahead: How Should Transatlantic Institutions Work Closely Together?, and the round table Liberal Response to Global Security Threat, where efforts were coordinated to ensure world unity in countering the russian federation. At the meeting within the framework of the program Fundamental Change: Transatlantic Action for Lasting Peace, I joined the discussion of how NATO and the EU can cooperate more effectively and met with representatives of both parties of the American Congress», — detailed the leader of Golos.

According to Kira Rudik, if in the spring they said that the process of confiscation of russian assets is almost impossible, now there are the first developments in this matter.

«We are gathering a close and motivated circle of 20 international politicians and top asset recovery experts in the US, Canada and the UK. Now we see that if we put in the effort, this process will happen. There are already precedents and the most important thing is, there is an understanding of how to make sure that all the russian money that is frozen in the world is given specifically to the reconstruction of Ukraine», — the MP emphasized.

On the humanitarian front, thanks to the Graduate and Return cooperation project between Ukrainian and foreign universities, our students and teachers can study and work at almost 50 international universities. During the summer, they received 235 additional places, agreed on studying, in particular, at the best British universities.

As part of the project Ukraine — One Big Family funds collected all over the world were attracted, thanks to which more than 7,000 families with many children received financial assistance of $1,000 each and were able to survive difficult times a little easier.

Thanks to the There Will Joy initiative, support was organized for Ukrainian women and girls who suffered from the horrors of the russian occupation: sexual violence, threats to life, and trauma. It is a very delicate and confidential process that includes psychological and medical support, donations, women's household items and even beauty supplies from donors from all over the world.

And thanks to the Breadwinner Now project to popularize the business of Ukrainian craftsmen in the world, women who often remained the sole breadwinner in the family have the opportunity to develop their craft production business. In addition, this is another way to remind the world about Ukraine.

«Despite the efforts of russian propaganda to convince the civilized world that it is "tired of Ukraine", this is not the case. During this summer, I had more than two hundred interviews in various Western media. Local societies should receive information about the war regularly and from Ukrainians», —  Kira Rudik emphasized.

Also, during the summer, the leader of the Golos became a co-author of legislative initiatives, in particular, on sanctions against banks that work with financial institutions of russia and Belarus; strengthening responsibility for violations of work with pyrotechnic products, on minimizing the risks of fluctuating prices for electricity from alternative sources; on the introduction of the interest deduction mechanism to support non-profit organizations. And among the already adopted acts is a resolution on granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU accession; strengthening the fight against the laundering of russian funds.