Breadwinner now

Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine has made hundreds of Ukrainian women the sole breadwinners in their families. The Breadwinner now project was launched to support women-owned small businesses in Ukraine that are struggling because of war through raising donations and holding international charity events. I believe that the best way to support small businesses is to spread the word and buy their products, so in every international visit I’m leading by example and wearing a piece of clothing or jewelry crafted by Ukrainian women entrepreneurs.

You too can support local Ukrainian businesses by donating or taking part in our charity events.

You have seen my hand-made pin made by Homulia Handmade

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This is Ukrainian swallow — when you think it is falling, it is just preparing to fly up 💪🏻

It is truly lucky, it was with me in Davos, at ALDE elections and diring the voting took in Brussels to grant Ukraine the Candidacy status.

Ukrainian t-shirts with hand-made embroidery Golubka studio

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At this pic, Im givng the t-shirt to Speaker of Lithuanian Parliament. “It is machine-washable”, — I say. We`re both laughing. We know why it is important 😀

Ukrainian motives on embroidered napkins and table cloths Garmoniya

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...Three times I bought them for a present and three times decided to leave for myself. Now, the 4th time they already have their new owner. 

Beauty and love ❤️🇺🇦
One of the most heart-breaking images of war is the image of a small girl in Ukrainian subway that was hiding there in the bomb shelter and who was asking her mom: Mommy, are we refugees now?

And there is no good answer to a kid about that. And it became a symbol of millions and millions of Ukrainians who had to leave their homes with their children just to bring them to safety.

But there is more to this story.

Because I want to share with you what mommy replied. The question: Mommy are we refugees? She said: No, we are not refugees. We are brave Ukrainians who travel by bikes, who travel by cars, we will travel by the sea, we will travel through the whole world. And when the time is right we will travel back to Ukraine.

We will come back to our Motherland. This is what I want to share with you — this is the pot with a small rabbit on a bike manufactured by one of the Ukrainian craftswomen. This reminded me of this conversation. And I'm putting you on a charity option today - to make sure that we will raise some money for Ukrainian refugees that had to bring their children to safety and one day they will return home. And I do believe that one day all of Ukrainian children and all of Ukrainian refugees will return home to our Motherland.